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Message from President

I became the president of the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) on March 1, 2017.  I have the honor of supporting the development of our Division during my two-year term together with the three vice-presidents who are very experienced and knowledgeable about the organization of our Division, and with the assistance of the board members, the members of various committees, and all the division members.

The Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry was founded as the second division of CSJ in 1976.  I started to study colloid and interface chemistry in the undergraduate course of Nagoya University under the supervision of Professors Shoichi Ikeda and Hiroshi Maeda in 1983. I decided to become a scientific researcher of this field due to their influence. After working as a researcher at AIST (Takamatsu) for 15 years, I became an Associate Professor in the research group of Prof. Katsumi Kaneko at Chiba University in 2001. It was then that I started to have a deep connection with the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry as a member of the Project Planning Committee.

Thinking back to the commencement of our Division, the main role of our Division in the beginning was to hold an annual meeting, “The Divisional Meeting on Colloid and Interface Chemistry”, whose first meeting was held in 1948 at the University of Tokyo.  In 1985, “The Basic Course of Colloid and Interface Chemistry” and “The Colloid Technology Symposium” for young and advanced researchers, respectively, started to be held as regular seminars organized by our Division. After that, the projects of our Division expanded little by little, resulting in an increased number of seminars and meetings. The local branches were also founded.

Currently, our Division has eleven committees (Project Planning Committee, Editorial Committee, Company Members Committee, Division Meeting Committee, Finance Committee, Public-Information Committee, Award Committee, International Exchange Committee, Young Members’ Working Group, Future Planning Committee, and Division Subcommittee), and a local branch in the Kansai region and in the Kyushu region.  These committees and local branches have been actively participating in the development of our Division. Please see another website ( showing the current activities of our Division.

The objectives of our Division are to contribute to the progress and spreading of science and to the development of industry in the field of colloid and surface chemistry. This is being achieved by giving members the opportunities to present their research, and the chance to exchange knowledge and to communicate among members of this society and with members of other domestic and international societies. Although the amount of information in English is still less than that in the Japanese website, I hope many more foreign people will be interested in our Division in the near future.

Hirofumi Kanoh

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