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 Oral Presentation
Keynote speakers have 35 minutes for their talk and 5 minutes for questions. Oral presenters have 15 minutes for their talk and 5 minutes for questions. Please bring and use your own laptop for the presentation. Please note if you are presenting with a macbook you will need a VGA adapter. 

 Poster Presentation
The size of poster boards is to be 900 mm wide x 2000 mm high, thus the maximum size of your posters is A0 in PORTRAIT format (A0 is 841 mm Wide x 1189 mm Height). Drawing pins will be provided. Please display your poster by the afternoon of September 22nd.

 Ling Chao (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

 Sally Gras (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

 Yukishige Kondo (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

 Tai-Chou Lee (National Central University, Taiwan)

 Chiara Neto (The University of Sydney, Australia)

 De-Hao Tsai (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

 Sept. 21 (Wed)    
 Registration Art Hotels Asahikawa 2F 17:00-18:30  
 Sept. 22 (Thu)       
    9:20-10:00  10:20-12:00  13:00-13:40 13:40-18:00  
Room D     Oral
Keynote 2
S. Gras
Room F   Keynote 1
T.-C. Lee
 Sept. 23 (Fri)
  9:00-9:40 9:40-10:20 10:40-11:20 11:20-12:40 14:00- 18:40-
Room F  Keynote 3
Y. Kondo
Room G  Oral
Keynote 4
D.-H. Tsai
      Divisional Meeting
Plenary Lecture, Lectureship Award
Divisional Meeting Banquet
 Sept. 24 (Sat)
  9:00-9:40 9:40-10:20 10:40-11:20 11:20-12:20 13:30-15:30   18:00-
Room F Keynote 5
L. Chao
Room G Oral
Keynote 6
C. Neto
           Poster Session  International Symposium Banquet
 Sept. 25 (Sun)

 Oral Presentation Awards and Best Poster Awards for Young Scientist
In this symposium Oral Presentation Awards and Best Poster Awards will be awarded to the best presenters among young scientists. This is to encourage prominent scientific activities among young researchers. Applicants for the awards should be younger than 35 years old. The eligible presentations will be judged by adjudicators chosen by the organizing committee.

• Judging procedure of Best Poster Award
The judging will be carried out in the following two stages. In the first stage, the eligible paper will be evaluated by the one-page summary abstract submitted. The applicants who have passed the first stage will give their poster presentation during the lunch break of September 23rd for adjudicators who have been chosen by the organizing committee.
The applicant who have successfully passed the first stage will be notified via e-mail by the end of August.

 International Symposium Banquet (Sept. 24)
In the evening of the final day of the symposium, we will hold a casual banquet for symposium delegates. This will be a perfect opportunity to enhance friendships between delegates while enjoying the finest beer and Genghis Khan (Mutton Barbecue), a famous local cuisine. Oral Presentation Awards and Best Poster Awards will be awarded during the banquet.

Time: 18:00-20:00; Place: Beer Hall Lion

 Excursion (Sept. 25)
We will have optional bus tours after the symposium. The bus will send you to the airport or the railway station after each tour.
You can book the tours at registration. The fee should be paid onsite, in cash.
(Courses, fees and time are subject to change)
   Tour A: Mount Asahidake
  10,000 JPY/Person (including lunch, ropeway fare); Time 8:00-15:00
  A bus tour to Mount Asahidake (pictured above), one of the main peaks of the mountain range surrounding Asahikawa city. A ropeway will take us to the hillside, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the natural landscape. Also, the leaves will have completed turning by late September, so the whole mountain area is expected to be covered in fantastic colors.

   Tour B: Furano-Biei
  10,000 JPY/Person (including lunch); Time 8:00-15:00
  There is no doubt that Furano and Biei, the neighbouring towns of Asahikawa, are one of the most stunning areas and the most popular vacation destinations in Hokkaido! The tour takes you to the popular scenic spots including "Aoi-ike", the mysterious blue pond, and "Mild Seven Hill", the famous site for a TV commercial. The tour also stops at a cheese factory and winery, where you can enjoy the fresh taste of local products.


   Tour C: Asahiyama Zoo
  10,000 JPY/Person (including lunch, admission charge); Time 9:00-15:00
  Asahiyama Zoo is a very popular zoological garden just outside of central Asahikawa. Its popularity lies in its unique and interactive display of animals, which allow visitors to observe animals up close in their natural state. Visitors can also enjoy watching more than 700 animals including penguins, polar bears, wolves and seals living just as they are in the wild. The tour also visit mysterious Snow Crystal Museum.


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